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Psychic vs. Mediumship

You’ve heard of a Psychic, a Medium, and a Psychic Medium. You probably saw a movie or two about a Spiritual Medium (Whoopi Goldberg), but what exactly are they? A psychic reads intuitive information around you, and people, and the events, things, and issues in their lives.

Mediumship is the ability to connect with the deceased and bridge the gap between life here on earth and those in the Spirit World (Spiritual Medium). A Psychic Medium can do both. Typically, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Both are wonderful options and very healing. Psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant readings (all the same thing) are future-focused for the individual client in front of me. Curious when a promotion at work is going to come through? Want to know when you’ll meet “the one” or if your ex is going to come back? A Clairvoyant Psychic Intuitive reading has the answers. Book your psychic reading with me today, HERE.

A mediumship reading is all about connecting to your loved ones in the Spirit World. As an evidential medium I bring forth evidence and messages from loved ones who’ve crossed over.

How can mediumship help you? From finding closure to connecting with a past loved one to making sense of paranormal activity in your home, a mediumship reading covers all bases. Here are a few situations that would benefit from an online medium reading:

Closure After Loss

If you recently lost someone (sending hugs) and feel there were words left unsaid, a medium session can help you process your grief and find closure and acceptance. Unexpected deaths due to tragic events or illnesses can be so confusing and can feel impossible to move on from. A mediumship reading can help you heal from the pain and answer the question of “why.” Through messages and details of your time together here on earth, I will remind you that although your loved one is no longer in physical form, their soul and spirit lives on and is always with you. 

Validation of Messages from Spirit

Are you experiencing signs, lucid dreams, or smelling a familiar perfume that reminds you of someone? Maybe you keep hearing a song that your grandfather played or find random objects that make you think of a loved one. A spirit may be saying hello or trying to send you an important message. Don’t ignore the signs! Get a message from the other side! Book your mediumship session with me HERE.

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