Joyce M. Jackson

Evidential Medium

Whispering Messages of Hope, Healing, and Wisdom

joyce-jackson-mediumI never knew why my dad left when I was a kid. I spent most of my life blaming me. Thank you for the session today and the relief and healing it has brought me. ~Armee A.

Joyce M. Jackson Medium - Privacy Policy
Joyce M. Jackson, Evidential Medium

As an Evidential Medium it is my honor to connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World. The purpose in connecting you and your loved one is twofold. One, to demonstrate that life, our souls, are eternal. And two, to bring healing to loss and grief. Your loved ones are all around you and enjoy bringing forth their essence to show you that they are, in fact, right here with you.

Mediumship sessions are an interactive, divinely blessed conversation with those loved ones who have passed.

This sacred time is for you and your loved ones to embrace the beautiful qualities of who they are. It will provide comfort to you, as well as to those in the Spirit World. With compassion and warmth, I am a conduit for those across the veil.


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